Kingsford Estate


For your Complete Peace Of Mind

Your safety is our 1 priority at Kingsford Estate. We have thus taken every step to ensure that your family is out of harm’s way from the minute you drive up to our gate. For your peace of mind, we have employed the following security measures to mitigate any potential risk of threat.

Perimeter Security

Boundary walls with electric fence secure the entire perimeter, reinforced by a second line of
defence internally using fencing, creating a 500m patrol track along the fringe, that is
patrolled at regular intervals throughout the day. Geo-fence cameras and wireless beams fixed
to the perimeter walls linked to the control room on/off site, further safeguard the boundary.

Access Control

The estate is accessed via the main entrance located on Stiebel Place only. An online access
control system restricts access to residents, permanent staff and domestic workers using
access cards, biometric access readers with fingerprint access and facial recognition and near
field communication(NFC) using your smartphone. Residents can share and revoke access
online or on their smart device using the mobile application.

Visitor Access

Visitor access is controlled using an online visitor management system and is monitored by
security onsite through scanning and screening of visitor’s drivers license and vehicle license
disc upon arrival, making sure all vehicles and personal are recorded. Residents are notified by
intercom or on their smart device using the mobile application, and permissions granted.
Residents can pre-book visitors online or using the mobile application on their smart device,
and will be expected and welcomed on arrival.

Covid 19

All residents, staff and visitors will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms using a thermal camera which has the ability to read temperatures and scan for masks.

CCTV Surveillance

The estate is monitored by High Definition CCTV. Cameras are placed at strategic vantage
points and are monitored 24 hours a day at a central control room on/off site. Intelligent
Cameras have facial and number plate recognition capabilities, detect abnormal human
behaviour and traffic violations, and will alert the central control room of any potential threat
in advance.

24-Hour Security Guards

Security guards control access and patrol the perimeter and estate, and are backed up by
armed response in case of emergency. A tagging system is implemented to monitor the
guards performance and ensure they are awake. Guards further monitor CCTV footage and
respond to alarms onsite triggered by any disturbances.

Home Security

Units are fitted with a wireless alarm system, if opted, comprising of a wireless panel and key
pad, infrared external beams, slimline magnetic contacts, passive infrared (PIR) sensors with
video verification, smoke, gas and water detection sensors, panic buttons, external siren,
transmitter to alarm monitoring and 24 hour armed response and remote access using the
mobile application on your smart device. The system is compatible with and integrates with
the in house CCTV system.

Backup Power (Generator)

The backup generator maintains the security system and estate and unit lighting, during load
shedding or power failures


Estate Management, security, resident and visitor communication is done using an IP intercom
or remotely from your smart device using the mobile application. Inter-unit, inter-estate and
external; audio, video and text communication can be made using the system.

Smart Solution

A total integrated smart solution which allow residents to control access into their home,
security alarm, energy & lighting, appliances, hvac and monitor CCTV footage from their smart
device using the mobile application, is available as an optional extra.

Security Screens

As an optional extra, residents can install Trellidor Clear Guard over their glass facings and door
openings. Maintain picture perfect views with Trellidoor’s strong, sleek, streamlined see-through
security screens, made from a high tensile, coated stainless steel mesh panel and full aluminium
frame to provide you with protection you can trust.