Kingsford Estate

We have a unit for everyone

Kingsford Estate offers homeowners several unique lifestyle conveniences that enhance your experience and which set us apart.

Homesmiths noun[hohm-smith]

Let our Private Homesmiths guide you through the process of selecting, tailor-makingand securing your dream home. Our Homesmiths will project manage your build and provide you with regular progress updates, conduct site visits with you, enforce and maintain quality controland ensure that your home is built to the highest standard. They will also co-ordinate your movewith removal companies by collecting and unpacking your belongings, and induct and transition you into your new home seamlessly.


Our concierge desk further accentuates the ease of living at Kingsford Estate by assisting residents with sourcing, bookings and reservations, deliveries, transport arrangements and onsite trouble shooting.

Uber Lounge

An exclusive, safe and secure transit lounge, fitted with washrooms, equipped with a TV, charging stations and Wi-Fi and stocked with refreshments, will keep you or your guests comfortable while awaiting your e-hailed transport.

Running Track

Health and wellness is encouraged at Kingsford Estate, by the inclusion of a 500m running track within the property, for your convenience and leisure.

Smart City & Home

The estate is fitted with fibre and estate wide WIFI which is available to all our residents and employees. All assets, resources and services – such as access control, security cameras and guards, general lighting and facilities, and utility meters – are fitted with electronic sensors linked directly to our Estate Management platform. Using these, estate management is able to collect data, such as risks, performance, consumption and faults, to better manage the estate, thus improving operations and enriching the lives of our residents. Smart homes or home automation allows homeowners to monitor and/or control elements such as CCTV, access control, video & telecommunications, climate & HVAC systems, media & entertainment systems, appliances and consumption remotely from their smart devices

Garden Manicuring

All private and common gardens will be maintained by the estate to ensure the beauty and integrity of our indigenous flora and fauna.


A children’s playground will be accessible to all homes within Kingsford Estate allowing for safe and secure family time.

Backup Power Generator

The backup generator maintains the security system and estate and unit lighting, during load shedding or power failures

Backup Water

Treated potable water from our onsite borehole, tank and treatment plant will supplment municipal supply and provide backup water, in the event of a water cut to all units within the estate.