Kingsford Estate


Sustainable Development

Kingsford takes a holistic approach to sustainability with the aim of ultimately reducing our carbon footprint over the long term by maximising the use of space and recycling the resources already consumed.


Units have been designed to be aesthetically appealing yet functional, with effective use of
space. Building materials utilised are eco-friendly and energy efficient, that blend into the
natural surroundings seamlessly.

Natural Light

Units have been positioned to accentuate privacy and views while maximising north light
where possible.


Window and Door Openings are strategically located to provide sufficient natural ventilation.


All window panes are weather sealed and double glazed with a protective film reducing
glare and noise pollution

Water Wise

All points are fitted with low flow fittings to reduce water consumption. Water-harvesting is
encouraged, and available as an optional extra, ideally in the form of subterranean tanks with
submersible pumps, or alternatively, if located on the ground plane to be fully screened from
both horizontal and vertical view and integrated with the respective units.


Lighting is designed to seamlessly and effortlessly blend into and complement the building whilst limiting light pollution and saving energy. 

Energy Saving &  Efficiency

In compliance with SANS 10400, homes are fitted with a combination of conventional geysers
and heat pumps. Photovoltaic cell arrays are encouraged and is available as an optional extra,
which must be attached to building structure and fully screened from view


The landscaping design is paramount to the overall appeal of the estate and seeks to maintain
the existing trees where possible and include additional indigenous vegetation for screening
and privacy.