Kingsford Estate

Frequently asked questions


Kingsford Estate is situated at 8 Kings Avenue, Westville, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, a prestigious address within an upmarket, cosmopolitan suburb, located on the periphery of the city, along the green belt, west of the Durban CBD. Westville is a leafy suburb known for its greenery and wide-open spaces and is distinguished by its high-end stately homes, active lifestyle and community spirit. It is ideal for raising a family with top performing schools, local gyms, malls and shopping centres all within a 5 minute drive away from each other.

The following schools are situated within 10 minutes of Kingsford Estate:

  • Cygnet Preparatory School
  • Berea West Junior Primary School
  • Berea West Preparatory School
  • Berea West Senior Primary School
  • Westville Hindu Primary School
  • Westville Junior Primary School
  • Westville Senior Primary School
  • Westville Boys High School
  • Westville Girls High School
  • Al Noor Pre Primary School
  • Star College

The following universities are situated within 10 minutes of Kingsford Estate:

  • University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban-Westville Campus)
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal (Howard College Campus)
  • Varsity College

The following hospital / emergency facility is situated within 10 minutes of Kingsford Estate:

  • Life Westville Hospital
  • Ahmed-al-Kadi Hospital
  • Life Entabeni Hospital
  • Netcare St Augustines Hospital
  • Netcare Parklands Hospital (12min)
  • Life Healthcare Crompton Hospital (13min)

The following religious institutions are situated within 10 minutes of Kingsford Estate:

  • Soofie Habibiya Astaana Westville Musjid
  • Westville Jamia Musjid
  • Berea West Musallah and Madressah
  • Westville Methodist Church
  • New Church Westville
  • Home Ground Baptist Church Westville
  • UKZN Hindu Centre
  • Cato Manor Hindu Temple

The following sports, community and shopping facilities are located within 10 minutes from Kingsford Estate:

  • Westville Municipal Library
  • Westville Civic Centre
  • Westville Tennis Club
  • Westville Bowls Club
  • Westville Truro Hall
  • The Pavilion Shopping Centre
  • Westwood Mall Shopping Centre
  • Westville Super Spar Centre
  • Westville Junction
  • Westville Mall
  • Virgin Active Westville
  • Westville Swimming Pool

Kingsford Estate is well connected with easy access to the N3 and N2 and M13 highways. Kingsford Estate is situated 37 kilometres away from King Shaka International Airport, which is approximately 25 minutes away.

Design & Layout

Kingsford Estate was designed by Elphick Proome Architects, an award winning South African firm of architects who fully understand the development objectives of this exclusive estate, have created a layout which is functional and pleasing. Please refer to the following link for more info on the architect and their portfolio of their residential projects:

There are 40 (forty) free standing home designs available for sale on a plot and plan or turnkey basis within Kingsford Estate.

There are 40 plots which are available for sale within Kingsford Estate. Each plot is unique and the estate is designed to offer privacy and exclusivity. Based on site elevation and layout, unit position, architectural design, and lifestyle considerations, the developer offers prospective buyers with a choice of 2 pre-designed homes which may be upsized with bolt on options available and constructed onto your selected plot of land. These layouts range from a 219m2 upto a 240m2 double storey homes in 3 and 4 bedroom formats. Our website and our trained sales advisors can better assist you in selecting a suitable design / plot which would meet your individual needs and tastes. Elphick Proome Architects have developed these unique home designs considering the aesthetic appeal whilst balancing the needs of todays modern and continually evolving family lifestyles and applied this to the principles of the design manual of Kingsford Estate.

In order to accommodate the different needs of diverse buyers the developer has invested in creating design options which are available to be selected by prospective buyers. The advertised pricing of the units is therefore based on specific measurements of floor area and coverage and considerable thought has also been put into finalising these advertised designs in consultation with the architect and landscapers. Generally, no amendments to the approved designs may be undertaken. In the event that reasonable changes are required, this would need to be considered on a case-by-case basis, where such additional professional and other fees, including but not limited to architectural, engineer(s), quantity surveyor, project and construction management, development fees and all statutory charges, including NHBRC Levy would need to be paid for on a proportionate basis by the prospective buyer separately. Only architectural designs prepared by Elphick Proome Architects can be constructed within the estate in the interest of maintaining uniformity.

Reasonable deviations which increase the size of the existing designs may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to the purchase of the additional bulk at a rate of R 10,000 per square meter. Only architectural designs prepared by Elphick Proome Architects can be constructed within the estate in the interest of maintaining uniformity. All additional areas will further be subject to the same fees described in 5 above, pro-rata.

Each home is designed to incorporate a covered garage for 2 vehicles and an open parking bay for 1 additional vehicle. Depending on the positioning and design of the plot and selected unit, additional vehicles may be parked in front of and around the home. Specific layout options are available on the website .

You may elect to purchase only a plot in Kingsford Estate and design your own bespoke home; however only architectural designs which meet the Architectural Guidelines, and which are designed by Elphick Proome Architects will be considered for approval by the developer. Elphicke Proome would perform the architectural services at a discounted fee, payable by the purchaser. The developer would construct the home in terms of an agreement which is subject to the levying of professional fees, project and construction management fees, development fees and all statutory charges, including a NHBRC levy. Should you elect not to use one of the pre-approved designs, then an additional development fee of R 10,000 per square meter is payable to the developer calculated on the gross building area. It would be a condition of sale that the home be designed and constructed within 24 months from the conclusion

of the sale agreement.

Prospective buyers are advised to select an appropriate home design with bolt-on a bedroom downstairs in the event of access being required for the elderly or disabled. Elphick Proome Architects have considered this factor in the overall estate design, however prospective buyers would need to consider their specific plot choice and the design choice more carefully in order to make an informed decision in this regard.

A private pool is an available option on certain plots and unit types at an additional cost within the Premium Finish based on the plot selected. This depends on the yard area available, which may be limited in certain cases.

All homes are sold on a fully completed exterior basis, irrespective of the internal finishing option selected. The external envelope of the house is completed to the design specification, as set out in the Architectural Guidelines, plastered and painted (and includes a marmaran textured plaster and paint finish where applicable). The home is enclosed with double glazed windows and sliding doors. The main entrance door is made of hardwood timber. The garage door and motor are included. All the infrastructure, services and security features are included. The patio is tiled in the specified nonslip tile and the private garden is landscaped.

Prospective buyers have a choice of 2 interior finishing options.

  1. a) Standard Shell & Core, or
  2. b) Premium Finish

Standard Shell and Core: The prospective buyer will receive a ‘white box’ which can be completed to its individual taste and style. The internal is left unfinished and raw with concrete screeded floors ready to receive tiles and plastered soffits (underside of concrete slab) and walls, both receiving one coat of paint only. The internal doors and door frames are not supplied and there is no iron-mongery supplied. No air conditioning is provided.


Premium Finish: The interior is completed to perfection using premium designer fixtures, fittings and joinery available. The walls are plastered and painted, and the floors are tiled using full body porcelain tiles (600mmx600mm) with recessed skirtings. Bulkheads to HVAC are standard whilst suspended ceilings, painted and corners finished with a shadowline, are optional. The internal doors and door frames are painted and all iron-mongery is installed. Handrails are fitted to staircase where applicable. Ducted air conditioning is provided. The kitchen is completed fully and includes the following integrated premium appliances: hob, extractor, oven, microwave, fridge/freezer combination, dishwasher and washing machine/tumble dryer combination. All TV/display units, study desk and linen cupboard are included. All bedrooms are fitted with built-in cupboards and the bathrooms walls and floors are tiled, and include frameless shower doors, sanware, brassware and vanities. The Premium Finish does not include a pool, which is available as an optional extra.

Elphick Proome, in consultation with the developer, have established 4 exclusive interior design themes for Kingsford Estate:

Beverly Hills: White and bright with the option of light or dark counter/vanity tops

Manhattan: Charcoal grey with the option of light or dark counter/vanity tops

Mont Blanc: Natural timber finish with anthracite counter/vanity tops

Mayfair: Dark oak veneer fitted with light or dark counter/vanity tops

The Premium Finish will strictly use a reputable air-conditioner brand with the necessary guarantees and warranties.

The following options are available to a discerning buyer if you have selected the Premium or Deluxe Finish option:

  • Pool and timber deck within Premium Finish,
  • Manual or automatic pool cover,
  • Pool heat pump,
  • Manual or automatic curtain rails and roller blinds,
  • Photovoltaic solar power package (Solar power package using solar panels on the roof which stores the energy in a battery pack and can be used as back-up power supply and supports of the grid living
  • CCTV in house
  • Distributed audio
  • Distributed video
  • Trellidor clear guard

Smart homes or home automation allows homeowners to monitor and/or control elements such as CCTV, access control, video & telecommunications, climate & HVAC systems, media & entertainment systems, appliances and consumption remotely from their smart devices.

The Standard Shell & Core is network ready whilst the Premium and Deluxe homes are fitted with a home automation system, running on the LAN and WIFI network, fully integrating the following devices:

  • Door Locks
  • Gate(s)locks/motors
  • Garage Door Motor
  • Alarm
  • CCTV – optional extra
  • Blinds/curtains
  • Lighting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Media
  • Estate Communication-allows inter-home and inter-estate communication
  • Distributed Audio – optional extra
  • Distributed Video – optional extra
  • Appliances
  • Pool pump – optional extra
  • Pool heater
  • Automated pool cover – optional extra

Estate features

Perimeter Security: Boundary walls with electric fence secure the entire perimeter, reinforced by a second line of defenceinternally using fencing, creating a 500m patrol track along the fringe, that is patrolled at regular intervals throughout the day. Geo-fence cameras and wireless beams fixed to the perimeter walls linked to the control room on/off site, further safeguard the boundary.

Access Control:
The estate is accessed via the main entrance located on Stiebel Place only. An online access control system restricts access to residents, permanent staff and domestic workers using access cards, biometric access readers with fingerprint access and facial recognition and near field communication(NFC) using your smartphone. Residents can share and revoke access online or on their smart device using the mobile application.

Visitor Access: Visitor access is controlled using an online visitor management system and is monitored by security onsite through scanning and screening of visitor’s drivers license and vehicle  license disc upon arrival, making sure all vehicles and personal are recorded. Residents are notified by intecom or on their smart device using the mobile application, and permissions granted. Residents can pre-book visitors online or using the mobile application on their smart device, and will be expected and welcomed on arrival.

Covid-19: All residents, staff and visitors will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms using a thermal camera which has the ability to

read temperatures and scan for masks.

CCTV Surveillance: The estate is monitored by High Definition CCTV. Cameras are placed at strategic vantage points and are monitored 24 hours a day at a central control room on/off site. Intelligent Cameras have facial and number plate recognition capabilities, detect abnormal human behaviour and traffic violations, and will alert the central control room of any potential threat in advance.

24-Hour Security Guards: Security guards control access and patrol the perimeter and estate, and are backed up by armed response in case of emergency. A tagging system is implemented to monitor the guards performance and ensure they are awake. Guards further monitor CCTV footage and respond to alarms onsite triggered by any disturbances.

Home Security: Units are fitted with a wireless alarm system comprising of a wireless panel and key pad,infrared external beams, slimline magnetic contacts, passive infrared (PIR) sensors with video verification, smoke, gas and water detection sensors, panic buttons, external siren, transmitter to alarm monitoring and 24 hour armed response and remote access using the mobile application on your smart device. The system is compatible with and integrates with the in house CCTV system.

Backup Power (Generator): The backup generator maintains the security system and estate and unit lighting, during load shedding or power failures.

Communication Estate: Management, security, resident and visitor communication is done using an IP intercom or remotely from your smart device using the mobile application. Inter-unit, inter-estate and external;audio, video and text communication can be made using the system.

Smart Solution: Homes are equipped with a total integrated smart solution which allow residents to control access into their home, security alarm, energy & lighting, appliances, hvac and monitor CCTV footage from their smart device using the mobile application.

Security Screens: As an optional extra, residents can install Trellidor Clear Guard over their glass facings and door openings. Maintain picture perfect views with Trellidoor’s strong, sleek, streamlined see-through security screens, made from a high tensile, coated stainless steel mesh panel and full aluminium frame to provide you with protection you can trust.

Kingsford Estate is situated within a green belt with many small indigenous animals and plants which should be respected by owners with pets. All pets must always be kept indoors and may only be allowed outside on a leash under supervision. Only dogs, cats, fish and birds will be allowed within Kingsford Estate. 


Pets are not allowed to freely roam the estate. No agricultural animals, rodents or rabbits may be kept in any external enclosure on the estate. The owners of unaccompanied dogs found roaming within Kingsford Estate will be subject to a fine and may be asked to be removed from Kingsford Estate on the third offence. In the event of noise and/or nuisance from any owner, then the Developer and/or Kingsford Homeowners Association reserves the right to instruct an owner to remove the pet from the estate.

Each prospective owner would purchase free-hold title over their property. Accordingly, this exclusive use area may be used by children. No external installations of any nature are permitted in order to maintain a uniform look and feel of the estate. In the event of an owner wanting to deviate from the Architectural Guidelines to install for example a jungle gym, then consent from the Kingsford Estate Homeowners Association would need to be obtained which would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In terms of the developer’s site plan, a communal children’s play area will be established in a section of the estate which would comprise of a jungle gym and various other children’s entertainment options.

Each unit will have a designated area for this purpose. No laundry may be visible. Additionally, a washer/dryer is available within the Premium and Deluxe specifications.

There are no employee living quarters within Kingsford Estate. A prospective buyer would need to motivate for a deviation from the approved layouts and purchase the additional bulk from the developer for the inclusion of staff living quarters to be attached to your home. Typical add-on designs have been developed by the architects and are available on request. The cost of such additions will be for the buyers account.

Solar power is available as an optional extra. This would involve the installation of a solar power panel with an inverter and storage batteries to enable the home to function without the main electrical supply for a fixed duration. There are different package options available.

A backup water supply can be incorporated, subject to the availability of sufficient volumes from the underground borehole water supply.  

Kingsford Estate takes a holistic approach to sustainability with the aim of ultimately reducing its carbon footprint over the long term by maximising the use of space and recycling the resources already consumed. This is done through the following:


Architecture: Homes have been designed to be aesthetically appealing yet functional, with effective use of space. Building materials utilised are eco-friendly and energy efficient, that blend into the natural surroundings seamlessly.


Natural Light: Homes have been positioned to accentuate privacy and views while maximising north light where possible.


Ventilation: Window and door openings are strategically located to provide sufficient natural ventilation.


Glazing: All window-panes are weather sealed and double glazed with a protective film reducing glare and noise pollution.


Water Wise: All points are fitted with low flow fittings to reduce water consumption. Water-harvesting is encouraged, and available as an optional extra, ideally in the form of subterranean tanks with submersible pumps, or alternatively, if located on the ground plane to be fully screened from both horizontal and vertical view and integrated with the respective units.


Lighting: Lighting is designed to seamlessly and effortlessly blend into and complement the building whilst limiting light pollution and saving energy. 


Energy Saving & efficiency: In compliance with SANS 10.400, homes are fitted with a combination of conventional geysers and heat pumps. Photovoltaic cell arrays are encouraged and is available as an optional extra, which must be attached to building structure and fully screened from view.


Landscaping: The landscaping design is paramount to the overall appeal of the estate and seeks to maintain the existing trees where possible and include additional indigenous vegetation for screening and privacy.

Each unit would receive a metered electricity and water supply which would be billed for monthly by the Kingsford Estate Homeowners Association through an invoice. Only the bulk supply would be provided to the estate by the municipality.

Each unit is expected to have a fibre connection point to be used for voice and data communications and to support the Smart Home Solution and hub.

The backup generator is expected to supply power to the general lighting and security elements of Kingsford Estate in the event of a power failure. All units will have back-up power in the event of an outage and during load shedding. This will be subject to a generator standby levy and all usage will be metered.


A jogging track measuring approximately 500m runs along the inside of the perimeter boundary of Kingsford Estate. Additionally a communal childrens play area is incorporated within Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2 has provisions for a larger park that residents can enjoy. In the event of future phases being developed, there are plans for a club-house incorporating a conference centre and function venue with separate access and a sports centre including a gym and field.


Smart living involves involves the virtual integration of various elements with the aim of making life more efficienteconomical, sustainable, controllable and ultimately easy.

Living in a digital age, we are taking that luxury and convenience to our residents. Kingsford Estate uses the latest cutting edge technology to enhance the lifestyle and experience of its residents.

The estate is fitted with fiber and estate wide WIFI which is available to all residents and employees.

All assets, resources and services – such as access control, security cameras and guards, general lighting and facilities, and utility meters – are fitted with electronic sensors linked directly to our Estate Management platform. Using these, estate management is able to collect data, such as risks, performance, consumption and faults, to better manage the estate, thus improving operations and enriching the lives of our residents.


sales and construction

Kingsford Estate offers purchaser free-hold title over the land upon which their home will be built. This is not a sectional title or share block scheme. Each owner will own their plot and the building to be constructed thereon. They will however have to conform, in every aspect, to the conditions of the developer and the subsequent Kingsford Estate Homeowners Association in order to ensure conformity and uniformity in all respects of the design guidelines. The common areas, including roads, gatehouses, verges are the property of the Kingsford Homeowners Association. Individual unit holders, although legal title owners of their property, may not build on their property, without consent from the developer and Homeowners Association, and must at all times and in all respects adhere to the design, landscaping and conduct rules of the Kingsford Estate Homeowners Association.

Homes in Kingsford Estate are only being sold directly by the developer Kyalami Projects. The developer may mandate an estate agent in the future to sell homes in the estate on an off-plan basis. The developer is currently negotiating suitable terms of such mandates and the details of any approved agents will be published on the developers website : 

Demolition of the existing buildings on site is completed and bulk services installation and earthworks have commenced. It is expected that the gatehouse, internal roads and boundary wall and perimeter fence will be installed and completed by mid 2021. Thereafter construction of the individual homes will commence. Homes will be constructed on a first come-first served basis, therefore prospective buyers who first signed a letter of intent would have their units constructed earlier. Depending on the contractor’s capacity, multiple may be concurrently constructed. The first homes are expected to be occupied by the end of 2022 subject to all building plans being approved and sale agreements being concluded with acceptable funding in place. All homes will be completed and constructed and handed over to the prospective buyers by no later than 24 months from the date of each sale.

Prospective buyers are required to sign a letter of intent and pay a deposit to Garlicke & Bousefield. The developers will appoint conveyancing attorneys, in order to reserve a specific plot and unit type. A prospective buyer shall be obliged to sign a binding Turnkey Agreement for the selected plot and the selected house-type in accordance with the selected finish. Payment and/or an acceptable guarantee/undertaking from a financial institution shall be issued to the conveyancer within 30 days of the date of signature of the agreement. Upon receipt of written instruction from the conveyancing attorneys confirming that funding is in place and all conditions of sale have been met, construction will commence and the developer thereafter has 18 to 24 months to complete the construction works.

A 10% deposit must be paid into the conveyancing attorney’s (Garlicke & Bousefield) bank account in order to reserve a unit.

A prospective buyer can exercise any of the two payment options below:


A prospective buyer is required to provide a bank guarantee within 30 days from signature of the turnkey agreement payable on transfer of the completed land and building (ie. upon occupation).

Plot & Plan:

Alternatively, a bank guarantee would be provided for the purchase of the land, payable on immediate transfer, and a performance guarantee would be issued in terms of the construction agreement whereby payment would be made monthly upon certification by the developer’s quantity surveyor. On this basis an early settlement discount may be available.

All guarantees must be issued by a South African commercial bank.

The advertised price has an escalation factor built into it and by signing up now, the developer can fix the price with the contractor and pass the savings onto the purchaser. The value of this discount is dependent on the date of signature of the agreements.

The list price has a cost of money/return on investment/interest factor accruing to the developer and funder. If you opt to pay and take transfer on completion only, then these financing costs have to borne by the developer. If however, you select the plot and plan basis, whereby you pay and take transfer of your plot immediately and pay for the building as it progresses there is a saving to the developer which can be passed onto the purchaser. The value of this discount is dependent on the date of signature of the agreement.

The prospective buyer enters into a construction contract with the developer. Subject to the furnishing of a binding financial undertaking for the full value of the works, construction will commence and be managed by the developer and its professional team. In the event of a Deluxe or Premium interior option being selected, then the Developer would be responsible for finishing the unit. In the event of the prospective buyer electing to finish its own unit, then the prospective buyers sub-contractors would operate independently after a certificate of occupation is issued. This is for the avoidance of risk, theft, loss and damage to the premises/goods after construction of the shell. If you purchase only the Standard Shell & Core finish, the developer cannot be responsible for managing your sub-contractors or any aspect of the internal finishing.

The bespoke homes in Kingsford Estate are being sold directly by the developer. No transfer duty is payable. The purchase price includes VAT @ 15%. In the event of changes to the VAT rate, then the applicable rate on the payment date shall apply. The advertised prices do not include legal and conveyancing fees, bond initiation and origination fees, electrical and water deposits, initial and monthly levies, and any other amounts are payable separately in terms of the purchase and sale agreement.

Upon completion of the construction works, issuance of a certificate of compliance, NHBRC approval and after final payment being received after final certification, the developer will hand over the premises to the buyer. In the event of a Standard Core & Shell only being purchased, the prospective buyer can commence with his/her interior fit out after the premises have been handed over by the developer to the buyer. It is expected that the entire construction process, including the Premium and Deluxe finishing’s, will take between 18 to 24 months to complete from the date of signature of a purchase and sale agreement.

All finishing’s must be completed within 6 months from the date that the Standard Shell and Core unit is handed over to the purchaser. Contractors would need to follow access control procedures in order to attend to the finishing trades. The developer will not be responsible for managing the finishing if Shell option is purchased.

No changes to the purchase and sale agreement or to the construction and development agreement are permitted after signature. You may not cede and assign your interest in the development. The intention of this provision is to prevent speculation and trading in units within this exclusive estate. In the event of a buyer being unable to fulfil its obligations, then damages and penalties would apply including but not limited to forfeiture of deposits and payments made. In the event of cancellation for any reasons, individuals on the waiting-list will be considered by the developer in the order of first-come, first served, to purchase the property at the sole discretion of the developer.

The 22 units offered for sale constitute Phase 1 of Kingsford Estate. It is anticipated that Phase 2 sales and construction will commence after the developer has completed Phase 1 sales. The terms and conditions of the sale include a provision that the prospective buyer consents to developer undertaking the future phases of the Kingsford Estate project and the sharing of infrastructure.

Estate management

The Homeowners Association is a non-profit SPV (sole purpose vehicle – ring fenced) company which will be proportionately owned by the respective property owners of Kingsford Estate. The Homeowners Association is subject to its own Memorandum of Association which determines the rights and obligations of the entity, its powers and authorities, and its objectives and administrative procedures. A copy of the Memorandum of Association and its Rules are appended to the Agreement of Sale. The Homeowners Association has the right to charge and spend levies in the maintenance and upliftment of the estate and establish a reserve fund. All matters relating to architecture will always require confirmation by Elphick Proome Architect’s representative on the Homeowners Association The developer, Kyalami Projects will be consulted regarding matters involving new phases and Garlicke & Bousefield shall be consulted on matters of a legal nature.

Prospective Buyers are purchasing freehold title property therefore each owner will receive a monthly rates account for each property situated within Kingsford Estate from the eThekwini Municipality. The rates will be determined by eThekwini Municipality after the completed home is constructed and valued. Our sales consultant can provide you with an indicative rates estimate, however this would ultimately be determined by the municipality, not by the developer.

This levy is used to pay for the security and amenities realised from being part of the exclusive Kingsford Estate. The developer has sourced updated quotations for the different services which comprise the operating costs of Kingsford Estate, including but not limited to the following components: common area rates, guards – based on 4 day time guards, and 4 night time guards, armed response, cleaning and supervision, landscaping and gardening services, common area maintenance, insurance, generator: standby and maintenance, telephone & internet for security, administration & IT fees, accounting fees, managing agent fees, audit fees. Levies would be payable once owners have taken been granted building occupation certificates. Our sales consultant can provide you with an indicative levy estimate.

The developer is negotiating a preferential rate for armed response with various armed response companies. It is envisaged that there would be a single provider and owners would have the choice of electing to be on the armed response system. The approximate rate is R 450/month. This cost will be included in the monthly levy above.

Kingsford Estate is designed as a luxury residential estate. Residents are expected to adhere to the comprehensive rules to ensure that the privacy, well-being and peace of mind of all residents is maintained at all times. Reasonable noise cannot be avoided, however the objective of the developer is to establish an estate which provides its residents with a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere to live in, free from noise, disruption and intrusion. The rules would allow the Kingsford Estate Homeowners Association to charge a fine to any individual who fails to comply with the rules of the estate.

A Managing Agent may be appointed at the discretion of the Kingsford Estate Home Owners Association. Wakefield’s Property Managers have been appointed by the developer and once the association is operational, the homeowners at the time would have the discretion whether to continue with this agent or appoint a new agent.

Kingsford Estate is a luxury estate governed by policies, procedures and systems. All owners, their agents, representatives, visitors and tenants are bound by the same rules and procedures as all other owners. No preferential rights, nor any exemptions shall be given to any party to ensure that Kingsford Estate operates on the basis of fairness and justice.